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From Coachable to Successful...

Please support our Mentor Program by donating to the cost of Dedicated Transportation, Paid Tutorial Services, School & Technology Needs and Enrichment Activities. Visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook to see all that Lucky Eight does to support our youth and community.


$338 raised in 13 days from 5 people.

Diet With Me

I know, it’s rubbish—I’ve been there. If you’ve got the energy to eat properly at all, you’ll probably go for the easy junk food, the ones that you don’t even have to cook: chips, chocolate, bread, and cheese. Your body knows you’re out of whack, your mind is telling you constantly tha


$80 raised in 0 days from 6 people.

Give Our Kids a Boost!

There are children in our community that are living in unstable households and struggling in school. Such environments are preventing them from succeeding and benefiting from life’s opportunities. Help us raise $30,000 to Build A Generation where children have a better chance of reaching their ful


$25 raised in 13 days from 1 people.

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness!

Breaking the stigma of mental illness in our communities. A Beautiful Mind Foundation is a high-impact organization that generates tremendous community awareness and support and enables thousands of individuals to be trained as Certified Mental Health First Aid Responders. This initiative is a cri


$20 raised in 14 days from 2 people.

GrantNews.press Hot OFF THE PRESS

Donate now to help us begin printing the GrantNews.press newspaper and delivering it to nonprofits, small businesses and start-up! Any contribution helps! Thank you for your support!


$10 raised in 14 days from 2 people.

Please Help McClarity's Lil Angels!!

Please help me purchase a van and marketing package to save my business!! I cannot make it without your help!!!


$8 raised in 24 days from 3 people.

Launch the boat!.

Coastwise has an immediate need to raise $5000 in the next thirty days. Spring is almost here, and we are under a deadline to complete our prep so it can be launched. Your tax-deductible donation will help move us towards that goal. Please donate today and share this campaign with your friends and


$6 raised in 16 days from 1 people.

We Need More Space !

I am one of the many volunteers at Face of Hope Foundation in North Port, Florida. We have been in this location since 2015 and now we need a larger place to continue our programs we provide to North Port and to South Sarasota County. Please donate so we can serve all of our clients ! Betty Jo Ba



Bring Back Michigan J Frog!!!

We need to bring back Michigan J. Frog!! Campaign earnings will go to the "Hello My Baby" mission, where du-op groups will entertain flash mob style to cheer up the local community.